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I'm a humble chef, however, I'll try to formulate my thoughts regarding the film, because it's very dear to my heart.

If a guy that has a revolver gets from the train while in the prologue of Sergio Leone's film, then she must have something to say. The silent wanderer keeps a bitter story deep within his heart, his secret weighs heavily on his soul. However, even being sentimental in moments of relative solitude, the traveler is decisive, and in their eyes you can observe the rage containing accumulated within the years. He is not who he seems. The wanderer's name is Douglas Mortimer, a previous military man and today a bounty hunter. If viewers of your film listen towards the words of any flabby old man chained to some bed (a funny grandpa appears closer on the middle of the film), they're going to learn that this trains, these damned and noisy objects, are at fault for everything. Alas, but earthly hardships are certainly not restricted to trains and Douglas Mortimer is comfortable with this, his problem involves bones, flesh and blood. The, played by Lee Van Cleef, cherishes the soul with thoughts of revenge, but not simply revenge is in the middle from the plot of Sergio Leone's brainchild, because as well as the retired colonel, there exists another hero inside film. Fast, accurate, discreet, another bounty hunter. At the very least curious, but at the most wildly interesting, specially when the “one-armed” shooter is played by Bruce Lee in the joy of Westerns - Clint Eastwood. You can estimate that the paths of Mortimer plus the nameless shooter will cross on the planet in the wild west. The spaghetti has already been inside the pot.

In A Few Dollars More, phrases for example “in 10 minutes you're going to be smoking in hell” or “you'll need a new sheriff” are inevitable. The hero of Clint Eastwood is shown being a shooter whose abilities would be relevant in a sci-fi novel, but all that is claimed can not be attributed to your disadvantages from the narrative. Even the most absurd moments inside Western genre and under the skillful direction of Sergio Leone become salt for spaghetti, and the tale in the partnership between One-Handed and Colonel Mortimer tenaciously keeps viewers at the screens, which are in all likelihood visited by such thoughts: ¬¬ “I'm wondering what will happen further? Will One-Armed and Colonel Mortimer find common ground? ” “A few dollars more” - shootings, chases, music of the time, personifying the coming of death, here satire, coupled with foolishness, lives side-by-side with drama and ironically interpreted religious motives. And, finally, the storyplot shown by Sergio Leone is definitely the archetype of several paintings, where partnerships flow into friendship, though into a type of friendship, on this friendship an associate can shoot somebody in the neck to make sure that he is not killed by the thugs of the last boss. The fire is burning below the pan. The spaghetti sets out to boil.

Sergio Leone's tape is a real classic of your genre, and this is straightforward by the noise of bullets fired by the heroes, bank robberies as well as the long glances that two shooters exchange before the decisive shot, that shot that decides human destiny. The creators not just highlight their creation (and they are doing it well), but also touch on burning topics in most instances of the film, not afraid to scoff at corrupt politicians and cunning businessmen, using original script moves. Also, it is actually more than interesting to view a lot of Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef - the heroes of the existing and new generation of westerns who, finding yourself in the wonderful pictures of Manco (One-armed) and Colonel Mortimer, now trying to prove something to one another, competing within the possessing a revolver and doing of sieve hats. Hmm, something's heating up with the cooking, phew, you should serve spaghetti to the table. Winnie, the guests are waiting, hurry up, they're hungry and have come to taste Leone's signature spaghetti. It is sometimes complicated to have an expressive chef to find a good helper these days. Spaghetti is served, but wait 60 seconds, dear guests.

Undoubtedly, Sergio Leone in their “A Few Dollars More” demonstrates to the world of cinema the lion's share of his talent and professionalism, and the picture itself could be hypertrophied dominating before the first film of your trilogy, which attracted a persons vision of the expressive Akira Kurosawa. Ages later, Leone's brainchild efforts to please numerous people, as well as film succeeds: those viewers who wish a dramatic story get it, those who love shooting and duels are satisfied, and connoisseurs of satirical humor will probably be satisfied after watching. When it comes to music, you possibly can speak briefly - Ennio Morricone. Dear listeners, perhaps I'm too excited, that makes my head slightly confused, but if you watch a fantastic film of my fellow countryman at least, you may be convinced on the correctness of my words. However, I won't hide my bias, I seriously love the stories about the shooters from the wild west, where the two not the same bounty hunters chasing the same victim, although not the identical motives. Oh, I almost forgot, season with spaghetti sauce and garnish with basil. Looks pretty good. Enjoy your meal!

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